• <span>Chapter 5</span> Meds

    Chapter 5 Meds

    The answer was a cult. The photos on the table were of a secret compound, ritual torture, captives, dried blood, shining blades, mystery symbols.

  • <span>Chapter 43</span> 5150

    Chapter 43 5150

    People are buried in LA’s psych industry all the time.

  • <span>Chapter 41</span> Grave

    Chapter 41 Grave

    I'd need a sledgehammer to bring down a real tombstone. But for this one a crowbar should do it. I carry it back tucked into my jacket like a criminal.

  • <span>Chapter 26</span> Shells

    Chapter 26 Shells

    A pipe bomb knocks the lead Armada over and on its side. The blast came from a gym bag on the curb. Two pedestrians were destroyed in a hurricane of blood and skin and white bone.

  • <span>Chapter 11</span> Dogs

    Chapter 11 Dogs

    It's a cruel carnival, dog fighting. Injected with steroids, fighting dogs are forced to tread water in pools and pull weights. They are hung by their jaws, taunted with lashes and starved.

  • <span>Chapter 10</span> Coach

    Chapter 10 Coach

    Since Viagra made blue the new green, every drug company on earth has been working to engineer the second part of the sexual equation: a drug to enhance female libido.

  • <span>Chapter 15</span> Gambler

    Chapter 15 Gambler

    There is a single thought that explains the wretched existence of every compulsive gambler I have encountered: She doesn't hate that you gamble—she hates that you lose.

  • <span>Chapter 27</span> Excommunicated

    Chapter 27 Excommunicated

    They don’t dick around with a visitor’s badge at the front desk this time. I’m brought directly to the executive conference room.

  • <span>Chapter 12</span> Meth

    Chapter 12 Meth

    An ATF agent taught me how to do this. I talked about rock concerts with him the day I saw him blown up by the tripwire his feet found before his eyes.

  • <span>Chapter 50</span> Bootleg

    Chapter 50 Bootleg

    And he points out that the pseudo-intellectual costumes of these groups—Nazi, Communist—can easily be exchanged for one another.

  • <span>Chapter 29</span> Server

    Chapter 29 Server

    Known to few, and constantly disappearing, there is a hacker's bounty board called Bobba's Wake.

  • <span>Chapter 26</span> Shells

    Chapter 26 Shells

    Three immense men come out of the SUV at once. I hear a shotgun. I see a staccato muzzle flash. It’s a ballistic slug fest in the smoke.

  • <span>Chapter 23</span> Hearts

    Chapter 23 Hearts

    The actor's empty chest cavity was stuffed with valentine chocolates and left waiting for Jian's wife at the fuckpad she thought was a secret.

  • <span>Chapter 36</span> Panic

    Chapter 36 Panic

    The Russian Pharmacist is an old man now. Another life ago, as a medical doctor in the KGB, he used vials and syringes to bring the tortured back to life so they could be tortured anew.

  • <span>Chapter 19</span> Attack

    Chapter 19 Attack

    The black armored forces killed twenty one guards and wounded three dozen more. Some of the action was caught on shaky video.

  • <span>Chapter 35</span> Contact

    Chapter 35 Contact

    "In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” It’s a code phrase. I’m supposed to know the response and I don’t.

  • <span>Chapter 30</span> Patriots

    Chapter 30 Patriots

    The LAPD Morgue lists unclaimed bodies on their website. Sad economics are what prevent most of these bodies from being claimed.

  • <span>Chapter 8</span> Books

    Chapter 8 Books

    I have eight tattoos on my body and they are all book covers.

  • <span>Chapter 6</span> Yakuza

    Chapter 6 Yakuza

    A tongue specialty got her promoted to Fly Girl by a first year point guard phoneme. The ceremony was private.

  • <span>Chapter 18</span> Jobs

    Chapter 18 Jobs

    The report I generate itemizes the kinds of files that are still there like a garrison of the undead: the text files, the doc files, the system files.

  • <span>Chapter 42</span> PTSD

    Chapter 42 PTSD

    There are the constant thoughts about how this calm facade of civilization will be shattered any second now. There's the electrical overload in the brain of being always on, always ready.

  • <span>Chapter 33</span> Chase

    Chapter 33 Chase

    After the bomb squad robots are done, the dogs go in. And then the chief makes a decision, a statement is released and the roads are re-opened.

  • <span>Chapter 2</span> Oracle

    Chapter 2 Oracle

    Every smart hacker I've ever known played RPGs growing up. Defeating computer security is about learning the rules of the game and then trying to succeed within them.

  • <span>Chapter 47</span> Flight

    Chapter 47 Flight

    There will be a hovering congestion of corporate logoed drones: FedEx, Amazon, Apple, Garmin, Verizon, Google—all of which will of course share their information with the government.

  • <span>Chapter 24</span> Diamonds

    Chapter 24 Diamonds

    Five billion dollars in diamonds make it to India each year. They are escorted by private security companies and mercenaries.

  • <span>Chapter 16</span> Gamblers

    Chapter 16 Gamblers

    The gambling duo lead me into the dark heart of Chinatown and then they disappear down an alley in which lanterns are dim pastels warning and not guiding.

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