Dark Pantheon Series

“I know the psychology. I read it and I wrote it. I used it to help catch monsters and then explain them away with insights about child abuse, head injuries, chemical dependencies. But I know there is evil in this world. And I believe there is a Dark Pantheon in America. Serial killers that are never caught, never even known. Cult leaders who secretly access ancient rites to further modern madness. Technological shamans conjuring chaos. . . . These dark figures know of each other and likely even communicate. It sounds like a myth in the dismissive way sociology uses that word. But it is mythic in the real and powerful sense that literature reveres it.”

Chemical Communion

A charismatic preacher is building a new mega-church in Los Angeles. When the camera isn’t watching his bright white smile he quietly heals the sick and the dying. He instructs those he has saved to infiltrate the FBI and access secret personnel files on the famous and the powerful. . . . A chemist disciple of Terrence McKenna and Timothy Leary has synthesized a new drug christened God Smoke. It’s an intense and spiritual high like DMT. . . . Hired to find a lost wife, Chalk uncovers proof that the preacher and the chemist are working together to create a new religion with its own Garden of Eden outside of Las Vegas. Tens of thousands flock to this new world paradise. But as the government tries to stop them Chalk comes to understand that the preacher and the chemist are preparing for a Jim Jones apocalypse.

Just Puppets

Released on parole, a man wrongly accused of murder takes his revenge on the judge that had him incarcerated. It’s the third instance of such vengeance in the last year. These murdered judges and several others that have gone missing all played in a regular poker game. They were all involved in fixing trials throughout the Cold War. Pulling the strings Chalk learns that someone is facilitating the death of these old judges to bury a CIA conspiracy. And someone else, a devout user of the Tarot, is collecting them to answer for trials they fixed for far more mysterious masters—men with ties to the worship of old gods. Close to finding the truth, Chalk is arrested, incarcerated and sent to a federal prison where killers he put away are waiting for him.

Rock God

A video bootleg from a recent Rage Against the Machine concert grants Chalk a crucial piece of information in his ongoing crusade to find the Bacchus Killer that only he believes in. Starting with the infamous 1969 Rolling Stones performance at the Altamont Speedway, the private investigator traces the madman’s victims through performances by Led Zeppelin at the Forum in Inglewood 77, Nirvana at the Salem Armory in Oregon 93, Nine Inch Nails at Woodstock 99, Guns n’ Roses at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas 01, Marilyn Manson at the Freaker’s Ball in Kansas City 03 and twenty other concerts by the likes of Alice Cooper and Megadeth and Pearl Jam and Tool. He learns the killer’s cannibalistic ritual and finds the hidden temple of bones where the dying Rock God has his own sick Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.